SSL Certificate And Its Necessary


What is SSL Certificate:

SSL is an encrypted certificate file that protects the site and proves the ownership of the server’s public key.

How we can get SSL certificate:

There are many authorized SSL certificate providers in the market. You can buy it from them and configure with your domain and server.

You should provide some unique and business personal information like domain name, company name, address, zip code, expiration period for the certificate

Also you have to bind the above information as a private key file and send that to SSL providers. They will verify and send you the Certificate Authority file also known as CA certificate and signer trusted certificate. After you received, you should configure that file with your webserver. After configure you can see padlock and https secured connection before to the domain name in the browser. That will start protect your sensitive information that travelled through your websites. 

Why SSL is required:

SSL Certificates protects sensitive data and personal information such as credit card information, passwords etc.., that passed through your website. These sensitive data will get encrypted by ssl certificate, so that no one can see the actual value of the data.

Some third party application integration can only be happened when you enabled your site with ssl. People will also use your site hopefully when they see your site is protected already. Also as a website owner it is your duty to protect your website user’s information.

Hope you have understood the concept and need of SSL certificate.

Thank you